Malvertising attacks are the use of online advertising channels to infiltrate malware into the computers of unsuspecting users by embedding malicious code within legitimate advertisements on trusted websites. By simply visiting a site, users can get infected via “drive-by download”. There is no visible indication that the trusted site is compromised. As most advertising on trusted sites comes from a variety of ad networks – different visitors will see different ads from different places, not all of which will be malicious – Malvertising attacks are particularly hard to detect.

Malvertising attacks are a growing problem. Research shows that billions of malicious advertisements are being served each year.  Malvertising attacks are especially virulent for two reasons. Firstly, leveraging the online ad network gives attackers the ability to target specific groups; attackers can ensure infection across a designated demographic or targeted set of audiences. Secondly, because there are so many players  in the supply chain through which a given advertisement passes,  attackers can more easily avoid detection.

As more and more business-related sites carry ads, and attackers increasingly leverage the online ads ecosystem to target users, the security implications of malvertising are significant for publishers and Enterprises alike. ACD Consulting Information Technology Solutions takes a new approach to addressing the threat of malicious ads in two ways.

For publishers, ad networks, servers, exchanges, optimizers, and demand-side platforms (DSPs)

ACD Consulting Information Technology Solutions Malvertising Protection (MaP) tracks the flow of malvertisements and warns owners about problematic ad networks.

ACD Consulting Information Technology Solutions Malvertising Protection analyzes not only the ad tags, but also the creative and the actual impressions served, providing Publishers and Demand Side Platforms a unique insight into the entire ad chain and precisely pinpointing the problematic party within the larger ecosystem.

This approach to protection ensures that ads are authentic and unaltered, and that impressions are compliant with brand safety standards, ensuring safer and higher quality ad inventory and overall ad-ecosystem security.

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For Enterprise

ACD Consulting Information Technology Solutions Targeted Attack Protection prevents malvertising infection for employees who visit these sites and warns IT teams of the suspect site.

By using big-data analysis and advanced statistical modeling to proactively perform advanced dynamic malware analysis on potentially suspicious URLs, ACD Consulting Information Technology Solutions’s predictive defense capabilities can detect malvertising even on legitimate sites, and even before employees click links.

The Targeted Attack Protection solution’s real-time dashboard and “follow-me” protection also provide an ongoing view into and defense against these attacks.  This reduced time-to-detection and end-to-end insight and protection enables proactive protection of an organization’s users, minimizing computer compromises within the enterprise, and reducing incident response time, effort, and costs.

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