The Industry leading Cloud-based Information Governance Solution

ACD Consulting Information Technology Solutions Enterprise Governance enables organizations to track, classify, monitor, and control information across the enterprise— regardless of where it is located.

Today, data continues to grow at a staggering rate, with some analysts projecting as high as 44 times in the next 10 years. Clearly, continuing a “keep everything forever” strategy will likely result in serious legal, compliance and cost issues. Time has never been better for a solution that enables proactive information governance.

ACD Consulting Information Technology Solutions Enterprise Governance allows organizations to regain control over information with a solution uniquely designed to:

  • Mitigate Legal and Compliance Risk: by delivering greater visibility and control over critical content.
  • Reduce eDiscovery and Storage Cost: by enabling defensible disposition of redundant, obsolete, and transitory content
  • Deliver Results With Minimal Impact: by leveraging patented Digital Thread™ technology, organizations can increase control without deploying more infrastructure, or depending on user action.